Saturday, October 1, 2011

Power of Shri Hanuman Chalisa

Power of Shri Hanuman Chalisa

             The Hindu culture is not one prayer to the father. Not two or three prayers but in hundreds of thousands are prayers poured out from hundreds and thousands of saints that have born, lived and grown in our country. This out pouring of love that these saints and sages, whether in the moments of gratitude, when in the moments of upliftment or even in their helpless moments of the life, whatever have outpoured of them has become the great prayers. All of us, unless and until our own heart opens up to bring forth the call of our own heart as a prayer, these prayers will help us to invoke the higher.

And amongst all these prayers and hymns, we have in Hindu culture, there is no prayer as popular as Shri Hanuman Chalisa. No prayer as popular and as widely chanted and sung by people like Shri Hanuman Chalisa. What is greatness of this prayer? Written by Shri Goswami Tulsidasji and it is said that during some crisis in his life, when he was very very sick, it seems then the inspiration of Lord Shiva, that Tulsidasji poured out these 40 verses, therefore Chalisa, which means 40 verses invoking the blessings of Shri Hanumanji. Its mystical powers, those who chant they know. You don't need logic. Infact these are very rare and few people in the world over the years that have ever explained Hanuman Chalisa.

Because the verses appear so simple, that most of all even without knowing the meaning of it, people who chant the Hanuman Chalisa have claimed such miraculous achievements that you cannot describe in words. Everywhere I go, each and everybody has stories to tell how Hanuman Chalisa has blessed them in their Life. Each place when I speak, tens of people come up and tell about such miracles. When I had gone to Canada for first time, I was asked to speak on devotion to a highly intellectual crowd who had been attending our Vedanta study group etc. I said that the only way I'll speak on devotion, you can't describe devotion but its only by knowing a devotee, you can know devotion.

So I said, I'll speak on Hanuman Chalisa. So everybody said what's there in Hanuman Chalisa? Infact they called on people and said, "Six days swamiji is speaking on Hanuman Chalisa! What's he speaking"? Anyway we had a crash course that day. Because, in America they are available only on weekends, other days they were weekend. We had a whole day marathon retreat on Shri Hanuman Chalisa. There were many westerners there. They were more in tears trying to experience this wonderful, beautiful, enchanting embodiment of Humanity and yet of confidence and dynamism of Hanumanji.

There are miraculous powers in Hanuman Chalisa, but in here we are all logical people sitting here. Our approach here is not going to speak about miracles of Hanuman Chalisa. Those who do it, they know it. To make us understand that each encapsulated verses of Hanuman Chalisa is a complete secret of success of our life. Infact it is a complete course in Life Management. Whether you are a child, a youth, an adult, a business man, a politician or the precious house wife, whatever you may be, Hanuman Chalisa has got something that will enrich your life for greater success. Don't we want success in everything of our life? A housewife wants success for her family; the Businessman wants greater profits as his success. Everybody wants success but very few people really achieve it in life.

When people ask me,"Swamiji, what's the secret of success?" I said, "I learnt it from a Monkey". And very often, today the pseudo secular intellectuals, especially in our Hindu culture, convent bred pseudo secular, not really secular say, "Ah, we worship monkeys and elephants, where people have reached on the moon". But yet when problem comes they still go to Tirupati to break the coconut. When we look at our own mind if it is not a monkey, then what is it? Its worser than it. Therefore, a monkey can idealise only a monkey. So what could be great ideal other than a monkey? Only a monkey can identify a monkey. What's wrong in invoking our forefathers, according to Darwin?

When we look at Hanumanji's life, all his qualities, his virtues and achievements, there is no project that Hanumanji has picked up and did not achieve it not only with success but with greater success. Therefore, Hanumanji is a complete embodiment of what you call greatness and success and therefore, invoking Hanumanji and understanding Hanumanji, we have a complete secret of success. And mind you, when the mighty Gnani, a bhaktha, Tulsidasji, who is the very author of Ramacharithamanas, when he writes Hanuman Chalisa, it is not a sentimental pour. Even though it appears simple, each and every word of Hanuman Chalisa gives us the complete secret of our life. We are going to study Hanuman Chalisa in that context. Understand and know that is encapsulated in Hanuman Chalisa is far beyond its miraculous power, because the miracles that it can create in your life is to make you a MIRACLE


  1. the power of hanuman chalisa is more. myself experienced many times... i love hanuman.. jai sri ram

  2. the power of hanuman chalisa will get you when you know Hanuman Chalisa meaning

  3. Jai sree Ram.hanuman chalisa Is most Powerful Mantra. Its gives you the power and strength when you are in trouble.